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What Are The Best Ways To Maintain The Cleanliness Of Commercial Toilet Cubicles?

Even if it is not the central attraction of any workplace, acquiring the most ideal commercial toilet cubicles is still essential. It's a crucial part of any establishment that addresses the specific needs of individuals.

Toilet cubicles should not only feature a good design which allows users to move comfortably. Instead, its sanitation must also be maintained constantly, just like how you tidy your pantries and conference rooms. A lot of people see this task as a laborious one, but you can make it less of a challenge by using these guidelines:

1. Pick top-quality cubicle items

When you go to a supplier of commercial toilet cubicles, make sure that they utilise outstanding parts for their items which are resistant to water and different chemicals. This way, you don't have to concern yourself with grime sticking to your cubicle walls. And when they do so, you will not find it difficult clearing them even with only a clean cloth.

2. Learn how to apply different cleaners

Toilet cleaning solutions can get rid of dirt and stains for around a week. For that reason, do not forget to maintain an adequate supply of these and have a regular cleaning schedule each week. But you should also find out how to use household materials when cleaning so you can have substitutes. For instance, beverages such as Kool Aid and Coke are helpful to remove terrible toilet rings. On the other hand, using lemon juice, baking soda, or vinegar will keep your sinks and bowls gleaming and fascinating.

3. Apply wax on walls

If vandalism is the biggest problem in your toilet cubicles and those who are utilising it simply neglect the “No Vandalism” signage, then it is your responsibility to make the necessary measures. In addition to purchasing cubicles that are resilient to vandalism, it's also a smart idea to try putting wax on the walls. By doing so, it won't be easy for people to write on your cubicles, even if they're utilising pens or permanent markers. Even when they do so, the wax will allow for easier cleaning.

4. Ensure all the toiletries are accessible

Public toilets must always include the appropriate toiletries, including tissues, soap, and towels. If users find out that the dispensers aren't functioning properly or empty, then they're most likely to make the cubicles filthy. With that in mind, always keep those toiletries at hand so people can utilise them not only to clean themselves but also the area before leaving.

5. Throw the trash away on a daily basis

You should always place trash bins in all cubicles so the users will not just leave them scattered on the floor or flush them in toilets and cause a blockage. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, make sure you unload these bins and clean them up properly. Don't let the garbage pile up as this will not just make your cubicles grimy but stinky too. Surely, any person will experience troubles relieving themselves next to an overflowing trash can.

Commercial toilet cubicles might not be the highlight of any workplace, but keeping their cleanliness is still a must for maximum convenience of everyone. By taking note of these points, it is possible to keep your cubicles remarkable and spotless to all who will need it.